live from the studio: the host with the most

as I was getting images ready to load for the new site I came across this image.  it is my favorite shot from our "day on the farm" wedding photoshoot.  it was a beautiful (but chilly) day in december...all the models were such good sports, freezing in wedding dresses, but always smiling.  my friend, karl, the farm's owner was the best host imaginable...but who doesn't want fields and orchards full of beautiful women around. xoxo  for the great memories.

photo:  sharyn peavey


a few weeks ago this freshly cut stump showed up, tucked in the woods at the side of the road.  it is on a path that i frequently drive.  it took a while, but finally i stopped to photograph it.  i suspect the tree was a victim of one of our winter storms.  i hate to see us lose a tree, but i think this one has a message for us all. love is everywhere in everything. 


live from the studio: (i wish)

it has turned to spring here in maine and indeed during daylight hours this is what we saw sky and buds.  At the moment it is a cool crisp starry night and i am still torturing myself with technical stuff way beyond my abilities. #needmorehelp

bluebird sky

bluebird sky